3D TRADE is a cryptocurrency trading/mining platform that provides international investment and insurance solutions. Working at the forefront of financial services, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible services. Headquartered in Europe, with an international presence, we are licensed to provide a full range of investment and insurance services.


For over 17years we have operated as a global wealth management company, providing investment advice, insurance services, receipt & transmission. We’ve been looking after the interest of our clients in UK, Cyprus & around the world. May, 2019 we decided to extend our investment ideas into cryptocurrency wealth creation to gain more recognition across the globe. It will interest you to know that within the last two(2) years, we've brought together on our platform the best of forex traders with 65% specialization in cryptocurrency arbitrage, excellent trade records coupled with 7years of trading experience. We hope to give our investors an opportunity to partner and benefit in this evolving billion-dollar industry. Unlike every other failed FX/crypto trading platforms out there, we’ve got our backup trades in consumer goods with no short or long term diminishing returns, note that in our recent Cannabidiol extraction plant lunched on the 18th of February 2020 we’ve already recorde