What is 3Dtrade.io

3dtradeis a 3dimension crypto currency firm focused exclusively on forex trading/crypto mining, blockchain technology/financial service and insurance solutions.




We are working 24-7 to make sure we keep you financially healthy.


For over 17years we've operated as a global wealth management company providing investment advice, insurance services, receipt & transmission. We've been looking after our clients in UK, Cyprus & around the world. This year we decided to extend our investment ideas into cryptocurrency wealth creation to gain more recognition across the globe, we've used the last 2years to gather the best of forex traders with 65% specialization in cryptocurrency trading and arbitrage, excellent trade records coupled with 7years of trading experience. We hope to give our investors an opportunity to partner and benefit in this evolving billion-dollar industry.


3D TRADE is a cryptocurrency trading/mining platform that provides international investment and insurance solutions. Working at the forefront of financial services, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible services. Headquartered in Europe, with an international presence, we are licensed to provide a full range of investment and insurance services.


From our fully regulated position in the European Union, we work with partners at the cutting edge of finance and technology to bring you tomorrows solutions today.

Our clients are individuals, corporations and trust companies.

  • Investment advice
  • Receipt & transmission
  • forex trading and crypto mining
  • Investment advice
  • We also offer advice and products to individuals and corporations, like medical and general insurance

    The Manchester 3D trade lunch 16/01/2019

    Partnership that works.

    Satisfied and Happy 3Dtrade family

    Front view of 3Dtrade office, United Kingdom.

    The roadmap to success
    STEP 1
    • Click on get started
    • Fill up the form with the right details.
    • Accept our terms and conditions before submission
    • Sign in after your registration is successful.
    • Verify your 3Dtrade account once you have login.
    STEP 2

    • Once you are logged in.
    • Fill up the investment box with amount in USD.
    • Accept our terms & conditions before submission.
    • Complete your investment using coin payment.
    • Account will be credited once your investment is confirmed.
    STEP 3
    • once you have turned on the button, your total profit is compounding after every 15days.
    • Once you are logged in.
    • Click on the withdrawal button.
    • Enter amount to be withdrawn.
    • Ensure your recieving wallet address is correct.
    • Funds will be sent to your wallet once your withdrawal is verified.

    It's simple, make a donation to commence trade on your account. You can sign up either of our two accounts: personal account or cooperate account. Personal account:

  • -startup is $75
  • - your daily accrual is 1% of your total investment with us, we guarantee 360% per annum return on your investment
  • -You can withdraw funds 247.
  • -5% withdrawal fee except your first withdrawal for the month.
  • -Withdrawals are processed within 30mins-24hrs
  • -Your capital remains with us for maximum of 1year with 10% contract termination charge.

  • Cooperate account:

  • -startup $75,000
  • -your daily accrued is 1.5% of total deposit with us, we guarantee 540% return on your investment per annum
  • -Withdrawal once a month, emergency withdrawals within same month attracts 10% charge
  • -withdrawals are processed within 48hrs
  • -minimum of 1 year contract, termination 10% charge on capital
  • 3D sales representatives: daily return on investment is 1.3%

    board of directors

    Mr. Woodward Alexander (C.E.O)

    Andrew Wilson (Chairman BOD)

    Ken McCullagh ()

    Sandra Platts

    Michael Ayre

    Margaret Littlejohns

    Robert Fowlds